Wishlists are a great tool for keeping track of what you want but maybe cannot get at the moment or want someone else to get for you.  Before you start a list, you must create an account.  The Wishlist option is only for registered users.  Once you’ve created the account, you can add products to a Wishlist.  Click on the product you like, select a size if necessary and add it to your Wishlist.  You will be able to create as many lists as you want and will also have the option of making the list(s) private, shared, or public.  Your Wishlists will be visible on your My Account Dashboard.

Private – Only you can see it

Shared – Only those you send the URL to can see it*

Public – Anyone can see it*

*If you use the shared or public option for other’s to buy for you, you will need to create a shipping address under My Account so it will be shipped to the correct location.

To begin, visit the My Account page and register!